The Foundation's work, described in the Our Work section of this site envisions helping thousands of children around the world by providing legal help in the United States. The number of such children is not fixed; they are born everywhere, every day. They will always be with us. A world-wide enterprise of any kind operates with people. ACF's people will be everywhere, mostly volunteers working in their home country. We cannot staff the world. It is our volunteers who will work with mothers to gather the needed documents and information, vital to success in American courts so that the U.S. parent will be ordered to pay financial support for his child in a foreign country. These will be the ACF country volunteers; the focal points of ACF contact in foreign countries.

          At this writing, ACF has cases in the Philippine Islands and one in South Korea. We have one volunteer in Manila but will need more as the Philippines is a country of 100 million people, scattered over 7,000 islands, 1,000 miles from North to South. We will need volunteers in the cities of Manila, Cebu, General Santos, Tacloban, Tagbileran, Zamboanga, Davao and probably a few others. In New Zealand, we will need volunteers in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch at least. Almost all countries will present this need and, realistically, it can best be filled by volunteers who wish to help these children lead better lives in that country and, eventually, home in America.

          In the United States, we will need a network of lawyers, eventually in every state and, at least, in each state's princi­pal city. In California, for example, it is impractical to prosecute a support case in San Francisco by a lawyer who lives in San Diego, especially when there is no compensation involved.

          These parallel networks are the major organizing and manag­ing tasks of ACF's leadership team.



LEADERSHIP TEAM - Management & Members of the Board of Directors


 James K. Sweeney -  President & General Counsel

                                   Chair of the Board of Directors

Jim Sweeney has substantial experience working with non-profits. He served as member of the board of directors for the Los Angeles Music Center and also served as the executive vice president of its Center Theater Group where he was chair of the finance committee for six years. For many years he was the president, a board member and a trustee of the Institute for Cancer and Blood Research in Beverly Hills.

As a lawyer, Jim practiced in the areas of business litigation, family law and immigration. He is registered to litigate before the Executive Office of Immigration Review, the immigration court system. In addition, he has worked in the technology field having been with firms such as IBM, ITT and Scientific Data Systems. He also founded an international computer manufacturing company which became a public company with several thousand employees.


 Victor J. Cowley  - Chief Financial Officer

                              Member of the Board of Directors


Vic Cowley is a veteran of the technology business, having been involved with computer equipment manufacturing companies in the United Kingdom. He came to the United States in the early 1970s and, since that time, has been involved principally with software systems. He has founded or been in the managements of multiple tech start-ups for the last three decades. He holds a degree in mathematics from Cambridge University.



Rebecca Sweeney - Secretary of ACF
                                 Member of the Board of Directors

Rebecca Sweeney has worked as a Mandarin-English interpreter and translator. She holds a bachelors degree from the Dalian University of Foreign Languages in China, a masters degree in literature from Canterbury University in New Zealand and has recently completed her law degree in California.




The members of the board of advisors are chosen for their special knowledge which is supportive of ACF's missions.


Douglas Ingraham - Member of the Board of Advisors

Doug Ingraham is an attorney in the Los Angeles area with over 20 years of practice in immigration and civil litigation both in federal and state courts. He is a registered lawyer with the Executive Office of Immigration Review, the immigration court system. He has a deep understanding of the immigration system and the immigration courts which will be invaluable to ACF in its work securing citizenship for its client children.




Ilene Castro

Ilene Castro has worked tirelessly in creating and programming this website as well as working with the dozen client mothers. A registered nurse by profession, she has also worked in IT which is where she acquired her technical skills.