In order for ACF to proceed, mothers must supply ACF with:


  1.   information about themselves, their child and the child's father. Please print that information on the INTAKE APPLICATION. Take good care that all the information you put on the Application is as accurate and complete as possible.

2.   ACF must have a written Agreement between you and ACF so that ACF may represent you and your child to an American court, lawyer and the U.S. government. The Agreement tells you what ACF and you will do, what permissions you give ACF and the other conditions you and ACF accept in working together to achieve the goals for the benefit of your child.

      Please scroll down to the INTAKE APPLICATION form and complete it in black ink so that copies of it will be clear. Do not use pencil or colored ink.


      ACF needs basic documents, such as the child's birth certificate or a copy of the birth certificate certified by the local government authority which registers births in your country. Some countries have affidavits of paternity in addition to the birth certificate. If such a document is available in your country, please send it with the birth certificate as it is necessary not only for child support purposes but also for the citizenship application. These documents are needed as part of the proof that the man you named as the child's father is the man registered as the legal father in the country where the child was born. Please send them to us with your Intake Application.


      Every country has some form of birth registration and, usually, there is an acknowledgement of paternity attached to it which the father signs at the same time he signs the birth certificate. Sometimes the father signs those papers days or weeks after the birth of the child and, some other times, he never signs them at all.


      If the father was at the hospital when the child was born, he will usually have signed the documents at the hospital. The hospital will then register those documents with the local government registry office and retain its own copy so you may be able to obtain a copy either from the hospital or from the government registration office. When stamped and certified, these copies are usually accepted as if they were the originals. Most American courts will accept them as proof of the paternity of your child and the American U.S government should accept them as proof for citizenship purposes.


      If you have any questions, please ask as we want you to know how we will work together. Do not hesitate to ask; we are glad to help. You may speak with your country's ACF volunteer or, if there is none yet, email us directly at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



      To locate the child's father in the United States, we need as much information as you can provide. Every piece of information makes the task of locating the father quickly and accurately easier. Below are the items of information which are helpful. You probably won't have all of these but, the more you have, the sooner the process can begin.

- social security number

- passport number or copy of passport pages

- date of birth; city, state & country of birth

- last known address

- last known telephone number

- last known email address

- middle name

- full name of father's wife in the United States if married

- full names of brothers/sisters, including middle name

- occupation and any job title, such as sales manager

- name & address of last employer or company worked for

- photographs of the father with you, the child or alone

- photographs of the father's family members; please identify

- name of the father's high school, college and university

- father's employer in your country and dates of employer

- marriage certificate copy, if any

- immigration papers of father to live in your country

- bank account statements or similar financial documents

- leases, driver's license or ID card, including military

- court or other legal documents about father

- medical records, including hospital or insurance papers





ACF Intake Form

ACF Agreement and Release Form